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About Us

Kyle Nettestad Founder/Principal

Currently employed as the Senior Vice President of Operations and Business Development at Vivid Energies. Kyle has overseen the rapid growth Vivid Energies has experienced in the last 6 years. Kyle has created the Business Development strategies used by Vivid Energies, as well as the Operational Infrastructure and Human Resources Infrastructure. Kyle’s experience and expertise in maximizing Business Development while also maximizing business efficiencies has allowed VE to create excellent profit margins. Kyle will be backing down his role at Vivid Energies to take on the primary task of overseeing the growth of PowerPort EVC. Kyle, his wife, and 3 boys live in Manteno, IL.

Tom Stirnaman Sales Advisor

As a lead investor, Tom will be taking on an advisory role in PowerPort, EVC.  Tom has spent the last 17 years in logistics and transportation.  He will utilize his experience in supply chain, transportation, business consulting, and sales to help ensure the success of PowerPort EVC. Tom, his wife, and 2 boys live in Bourbonnais, IL.